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We can tell you all about how good we are at designing websites and promoting them, but why should you believe us? After all, it all comes down to: "What can you do for us?" and "How much is it?". When it comes to price, we're always more than fair. And when it comes to what we can do, our only regret is that we don't have enough space on this page to show you everything. Enjoy!

Web design seasoned with passion

EPIC Web development

Regardless of the nature of the website we deliver, it will be found here. Whether it is coded in our lair in Ploiești or the one  in Bistrița, it will bear the #Magic5 signature.

But only metaphorically, given that we know what we're capable of and that we have everything we need to be a successful company in our domain, we do not advertise our brand at the footer of the page.

We strongly believe we do not need to advertise ourselves on our client's websites, they will do it for us organically after they see what we're capable of.

The websites presented above are not in chronological order, they are randomly positioned. Still, we think that our evolution is clearly seen, both relating to the design and the technology.

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