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We balance the finite and the infinite and we don't need the philosopher's stone to show our magic online.

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Welcome to Magic 5! If you want a website, we'll make it for you! Have you ever thought about what your online presense says about your business? You don't even have to, we'll do it for you! The Magic 5 team creates with passion, providing your website with its own identity. This creative process is based on the fact that we strive for innovation every single day. We don't like being boring, who does?

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Our colleagues are experts in optimizing websites. They will make sure your idea won't get lost on the last pages of the search engine. Through a mix of social media ad campaigns and proper SEO tactics, your idea will develop wings and will fly over the competition. Do you want to be number one? Not only in business, but also on Google's first page? We're here to make sure your online presence is captivating and easy to find. Your website is Magic 5's priority.

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The quality of our service is our number one priority.

We know that we offer quality both in terms of the final product and in the relationships we develop. We may not succeed all the time, but we are honest and we assume this aspect.



We strongly believe integrity is an essential part of business. 

We want to believe that what we do adds value. This means that we do not compromise our integrity for the sake of dollars and cents. We do what we do with passion and we still apply our moral compass in our business.


The fair price

We pride ourselves with prices that we consider equitable.

We are not guided by "expensive" or "cheap" but we define our prices in real agreement with what we offer and deliver. We also strongly believe that diversity is a good thing.



Magic 5 considers that continuos innovation should be a priority for anyone that does creative work. We take the necessary action to create new ideas and processes that, when implemented, create real and positive change.

We innovate every time we have the opportunity. We believe that there can be innovation in almost anything, especially in web design or programming. Those who chose us already know that.

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